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Kohinoor Media’s Websites: As a powerful Marketing tool

Kohinoor Media powers the organizations to serve a dual opportunity: to provide a bigger boost to the sales by making a strong online presence, and to provide the finest, innovative & most cost-effective web solutions backed with latest technologies.

Today is an era of Digital intelligence as well as strong online presence. The longevity and sustenance of any organization totally depends upon how digitally equipped it is. WordPress serves as an excellent medium to unleash the productivity of the organization by endowing the organization with a digital platform to pace up with the changing marketing trends.

Website Design: Success emanated from WordPress

We, at Kohinoor Media follow a very vivid, straightforward and disciplined approach towards building and designing websites.  Our expert developers follow the strategies from the Waterfall model i.e. requirement analysis, prototypes, designing, implementing and then testing. In all the processes we ensure the active involvement of the client via Skype, email, chat or phone.

There are four steps involved in the complete development process

Requirement Analysis and Strategy Planning

The First and foremost step should be exploring the competitive websites or the websites which offer the same products & services as you have planned to offer. We ensure that your website is most innovative and Unique from your competitors. We do a complete analysis of your customer base, targeted audience and strategically design your website so that it Hits the ground running!

Constructing a Prototype

After doing all the requirement analysis, we move on to create a prototype of your website. Without coding, Kohinoor Media developers will create a sample of your website so as to have a look n feel of what you have envisioned. This includes graphics, layouts, efficient usage of space, sizing and the most important one Navigation. This will help you as well the developers for a better understanding of the project.

Development Phase

Now our expert professionals start weaving your dream website from the prototype approved. At Kohinoor Media, we ensure using the latest versions of WordPress, PHP, HTML, JavaScript and other technologies for website development. We prefer to create the website in modules and presenting to the client as soon as it completes so as to take his inputs into consideration and make the changes accordingly. We ingeniously integrate the best of Graphics, images and backgrounds so as to create professional and solid impact of your website.

Developing Content

Now your website is ready and it’s time to fill it with beautifully crafted words. No matter how impressive a website graphics are, but it is incomplete without powerful words. Graphics, animations and images play a supportive role for a website. The main king is the content itself. It you lack a user- engaging, innovative and unique content, you website have no future. Neither it can have good SEO nor can it draw good traffic. We have full-time copywriters available to beautifully fill your website with their powerful and engaging content. They can even re-write your content into subtly woven words which ensure to give a tremendous boost to your sales.

All in all, Kohinoor Media’s main aim to offer 100% transparent, cost-effective and efficient web solutions to the client. We believe that by combining finest technology of designs, graphics and content can accelerate the growth of the organization with higher ad unbeatable magnitudes of success.

How Our Kohinoor Media Web Developers Can Help

At Kohinoor Media our website development experts in India are ready to help you. Our web development team has extensive experience creating a variety of websites on numerous platforms.

We know what it takes to create a website that will help you stand out from your competition and improve your conversions. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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